“The Matrix” is a software for coil processing lines “on-line”, to manage production that allows Service Centers:

  • Supervise the operations of the line.
  • Maximize productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs.

This is achieved by connecting the sensors and controls of each machine to a high-capacity data storage system, allowing:

  • Real-time visualization.
  • Management analysis.
  • Event log for maintenance and service.
  • Reports that will help improve the overall process.
Athader offers 2 options of “the Matrix”

Service “The Matrix”:

It is a high capacity data storage system for the recording of information and important events that happen on the line; Examples – failures, problem solving due to downtime, productivity, consumption…. ; Used for maintenance, productivity improvement as well as fault detection and diagnosis

“The Matrix” Pro:

The Matrix Pro is web-based software that allows anyone in the company to see what is happening at any time, on any machine on the line, displaying the information in user friendly format that can be quickly analysed. This version also includes all the benefits of the “The Matrix” Service.