Athader combined lines consist of a single installation that allows the production of both sheets and slit coils. The user can, through automatic changes and machine adjustments, switch from one cutting mode to another.

Multiblanking lines consist of cutting formats while incorporating a slitting head, to be able to combine the processes of longitudinal and transverse cutting in a single operation.

The basic equipment of the combined and multiblanking lines are: uncoiler, coil peeler, leveler, slitting head, production shear, recoiler and stacker among others.


This type of facility can process materials from thin to medium thicknesses, allowing it to meet the diverse needs of the customer. To carry out these functions, Athader can include the following equipment:

  • Automatic coil loading system
  • Leveling with cassette change or several levelers
  • In transverse mode, we can supply:
    • All types of stackers
    • Direct-drive, flying shear or rotary shear
  • In longitudinal mode:
    • Automatic tool change
    • Separator change system
    • Exit coil turnstile
Inspection and recoiling lines


Technical characteristics and capabilities of the combined and multiblanking lines designed and manufactured by Athader:

Cutting system
Direct drive or rotary shear Mechanical, and flying shear
Slitting 4-20 cuts 4-12 cuts
Max. Thickness
4 mm 10mm
Max. Width 1800mm 2200mm
Max. Weight 35T 45T
Max. Speed 120mts/min 60mts/min