The history of ATHADER is based on its people, on sustainable growth, internationalization, service and technological solutions developed together with our clients over the years.

Cool Timeline

Athader – The Beginnings

In 1992 Carlos Luengo, an engineer with extensive previous experience in the Cutting Lines sector and with a great vision for the future, started his own company, Athader, with its offices in San Sebastian (Guipúzcoa).


After 6 years of experience and thanks to the trust of customers, ATHADER moved its premises to the Zuatzu Business Park (San Sebastian), expanding its facilities and incorporating new technical, electronic and assembler personnel.

New Technological Era

In this year, the first “Athader” rotary shear is designed and installed. This will be a milestone that will mark the technological evolution of the company, after which innovative equipment and solutions will be developed, which allow customers to improve the quality and productivity of their processes.

Rotary Shears

International Markets

In this year, the current General Manager Harkaitz Luengo, assumed the position of Commercial Management, giving an impulse towards new international markets, with new clients, a new range of products, new solutions / designs, increasing the turnover and presence in trade fairs of the sector.

Bradbury Group

After several years of relationship and contacts, ATHADER becomes a strategic partner of the BRADBURY GROUP, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial machinery, in order to share knowledge and approach the International market in a joint way.
In 2013, an integration agreement was signed within the group, with THE BRADBURY CO, inc. becoming a shareholder of Athader, S.L.

New production plant

In its desire for growth and improvement, Athader moved to a new facility in Renteria (Gipuzkoa), where we can test and make final adjustments to the lines, with a 1,500 m2 factory and 650 m2 of modern engineering offices.

Automation, Robotics and Digitization

A new stage begins with a strategic plan to provide the company and its products with advanced technologies that allow the automation of processes, increased production and global digitization.

Among others, robots are being incorporated into the lines and a new software is created, which allows customers to manage their production, through a data storage system.

New partners

Two strategic partners, Samuel Nelson Technology and Leveltek International, join Athader. Both allow us to continue growing in technology, products and markets, and thus fulfill the mission of being “The Most Trusted and Preferred Supplier in the Global Markets We Serve”.

Athader service plant in Bradbury USA

Thanks to the growth in the USA, a new headquarters is established in Wichita (USA) by the hand of our partner Bradbury. This headquarters is equipped with a stock of spare parts, technical service personnel, engineers and sales representatives who serve Athader’s American customers directly.

The future is today

Today, about to turn 30 years of its history and with active second-generation members, Athader continues in its quest for improvement and modernization.

Focusing on the cultural transformation of the company, and in a continuous process of change and innovation, it faces the challenge of technological advancement in virtualization of services, digitization and growth in products and services. All with good practices, regarding the environment, sustainability and the values that define this company