Athader designs its Slitting Lines so that starting from a Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum coil, several narrower coils are obtained with great precision and quality in the cut.

In this type of installation, the basic process includes unwinding, slitting, tensioning and rewinding of the strips.
Athader slitting lines cover a range of thicknesses from the finest 0.1mm to the thickest 19mm.
We have standard cutting lines as well as high technology / automation lines that meet the current requirements of large Service Centers and Steelmills, regarding productivity, quality and safety.

Technology - Slitting heads

Athader has focused its research on providing flexible designs for various equipment in order to achieve:

  • High quality strips by means of ultra-precision automatic, double eccentric slitting heads with automatic locking and automatic gap setting systems.
  • Coils perfectly wound thanks to the Automatic Tension Control that has different types of automatic tension systems depending on the material to be processed, including “Camber” compensation systems.
  • Optimal production performance reducing downtime to a minimum by means of automatic tool exchange systems, change of separator shafts, fast threading, off-line strapping….


Technical characteristics and capabilities of the slitting lines designed and manufactured by Athader:

Cutting system Loop – Double loop Slitter assist – Loop Slitter assist
Max. Thickness 4 mm 8mm 19mm
Max. Width 1800mm 2000mm 2600mm
Max. Weight 35T 40T 50T
Max. Speed 500mts/min 300mts/min 100mts/min


The flexibility in the design allows us to carry out installations from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

To do this, we have a wide range of options to be incorporated into our slitting lines, among others:

  • Flexible coil warehouse
  • Automatic coil loading
  • Automatic threading
  • Ultra-precision, double eccentric slitting heads with automatic blade locking.
  • Automatic tooling changes
  • Tool assembly robot
  • Thickness inspection and measurement system.
  • Scrap choppers
  • Scrap ballers
  • Double loop systems
  • Multiple tensioning systems
  • Recoiler with quick change system of mandrels and separating shafts
  • Offline strapping systems
  • Packaging and sorting lines
Cut to length and leveling lines