Cut to length lines are designed for sheet metal production by leveling and cutting a mother coil into cross sections, creating completely flat formats that are properly stacked.

The basic process of cut to length lines comprises unwinding, levelling, cross cutting, stacking and packaging.

Athader has different types of shears (Rotary, Flying, Stop/Start) and stacking systems (bomb-door, airblow, combined drop-airblow, sliding), as well as the latest technology in both roller leveler and stretch leveling systems.

sistemas de aplanado y corte transversal

Athader has focused on the improvement and innovation of the different processes to guarantee three fundamental aspects of the final product:

  • High quality leveling by means of different types of precision levelers (4 and 6 high) and size of leveling rolls. All of them with high precision and very robust..
  • Optimal production performance, through a wide range of Shears (Start-Stop, flying, rotary and electronic) and Multiple Stacking Solutions (sliding, turbo-blower system, bomb-door, combined, magnetic and vacuum).
  • Protection of surface quality, particularly important when processing delicate materials such as stainless steel and aluminum


Technical characteristics and capabilities of the cut to length lines designed and manufactured by Athader:

Cutting system Mechanical Stop/Start, rotary or flying shear Mechanical, rotary and flying shear Hydraulic and flying shear
Max. Thickness 4 mm 8mm 25mm
Max. Width 1800mm 2000mm 2600mm
Max. Weight 35T 40T 50T
Max. Speed 200mts/min 60mts/min 40mts/min

The technology used in the leveling lines allows to achieve high levels of production as well as a high level of flatness. For this, in addition to the basic equipment, we have a wide range of equipment that can be incorporated into our leveling and cut to length lines, such as:

  • Edge trimmers and scrap choppers
  • Precision levelers
  • Automatic leveling cassette change
  • E-Drive hydraulic levelers (Patented) e-drive-logo-header
  • Stretch Levelers   e-drive-logo-header
  • Presetting of the leveler, shear GAP and stacker
  • Shears (rotary, flying …)
  • Cyclic (feed) rolls and high production shear
  • Stackers (Bomb-door, combined, magnetic …)
  • Packing and strapping systems for packages
Combined slitting and cut to lenght lines and miltiblanking lines