Athader strapping and packaging lines are located at the end of the Cutting Lines to maximize production and avoid “bottlenecks”.

The coil strapping and packaging lines carry out the following processes: Down laying the coils , radial strapping, plastic or paper wrapping (if necessary), weighing, labeling and finally stacking the coils on pallets ready for shipment.

The sheet packaging lines are designed for transverse and / or longitudinal strapping, including the processes of paper or plastic wrapping, labeling, weighing, pallet feeding and storage for subsequent shipment.

Technology - Automation and product optimising


Athader designs tailor-made solutions for packaging lines, including automatic or manual strapping solutions, using magnetic and mandrel-type clamps, automatic feeders of dunnage and pallets, weighing, upenders, etc.

Special lines


The greatest advantage of these lines is the great increase in the production of the cutting lines, they can allow the cutting line to be in operation without stops.

To carry out these functions, Athader can supply the following units:

  • High level of automation to reduce labour.
  • Conveyors adapted to the logistics needs of the plant.
  • Follow-up system “tracking” of the batches of the mother coil.
  • Automatic loading systems for pallets and dunnage.
  • Automatic strapping machines.
  • Plastic wrappers and automatic labellers.
  • Coil and package sorters / stackers.