Commissioning of Heavy gauge slitting line SL-1650×12 for high tensile strength with automatic packaging line in GUTSER Service Center (Barcelona)

This slitting line enables GUTSER to supply the market with high tensile strength steel strips up to 12 mm thick.

The line includes a flexible coil station, continuous measuring of the thickness, automatic blade change, mobile tension stand, as well as an automatic packaging line for the finished coils.

To facilitate the handling of the heavy gauge materials and threading the strips, the line incorporates various elements such as straighteners and deflector rollers and a vibration system in the separator shafts, reducing the time required for threading each coil.

Two advanced industrial manipulators are also included, one for the tooling, since the knives are heavy due to the size required in the circular shear to process this type of materials to slit with optimum quality. The other manipulator facilitates the loading of pallets to the packaging line.

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