At Athader we have a team of engineers and technicians dedicated to upgrade the lines and machinery in operation at customer plants, focusing on:
  • Advice and study of improvements and modernization of Lines.
  • Upgrade of complete lines.
  • Replacement of parts and complete equipment.
  • Partial or complete electronic automation.
  • Maintenance, repair and adjustment of machines.
  • Operator training.
Our After Sales Service team is made up of qualified personnel with extensive experience:
  • Sales engineers, for technical needs analysis.
  • Expert coil processing technicians, who advise
  • Suggested functional operational improvements that can be incorporated.
  • Specialized technical engineers with years of experience in line modifications.
  • Spare parts department.


The mechanical characteristics of the processed materials have changed, increasing the yield and the tensile strength of the steels. In many cases the existing shears or levelers in the cutting lines are no longer capable of processing these new values, so they must be upgraded or replaced.

Customers want to automate or upgrade their equipment. Athader studies each case and proposes the most appropriate solutions adapted to your needs, incorporating the following equipment to existing lines:

  • Uncoilers and recoilers.
  • Edge trimmers and Scrap choppers.
  • PVC or paper applicators.
  • Automatic slitting heads.
  • Precision levelers.
  • Tensioners
  • Automatic stackers.
  • Updating electrical cabinets and software.