Start-up of an automatic strip packing and strapping line, at bluescope steel factory in port kembla (Sydney)

ATHADER recently installed a fully automated Sheet strapping and packing installation, which is integrated in a Leveltek-Bradbury Stretch-Leveling Line. The line Packages and Straps bundles of 1550 mm width steel sheets up to 12.000 mm in length making bundles up to 2 x 20 Ton in weight. With the Full Automated Packaging and Storage system supplied by ATHADER, the total capacity of the line has increased to 100.000tn/year.

The main equipment of this installation are:

  • High storage capacity roll tables.
  • Robotic dunnage feeder.
  • Automatic Strapping of the bundles.
  • Automatic Weighing and Labelling.
  • Bundle Lifting and Stacking with 40Tn overhead crane.

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