Remote start-up of coil processing lines in Mexico, USA, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Australia and Canada due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2019 was a record in the number of coil processing lines signed by ATHADER, with the number of projects achieved in recent years continuing on an upward trajectory. The equipment was delivered to our customers on time, but the COVID-19 pandemic declared in March 2020 forced us and our customers to reschedule the start-up of the lines.

ATHADER provided remote assistance for most of the equipment installed worldwide for years, so we moving to complete start up of lines in remote was really fast.

Our commissioning engineers in collaboration with the operators and production managers of our customers have completed the start-up of the following lines:

  • Automatic coil packing (Canada)
  • SL-1500×2 slitting line and CTL-1500×2 (Mexico)
  • SL-1650×6 slitting line (Ecuador)
  • SL-1500×3 and CTL-1500×12 cut to length line (Argentina)
  • SL-1850×6 Slitting line (Chile)
  • Coil Packaging (USA)
  • Stretch CTL-1650×8 and Sheet Packaging line (Australia)

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