New Cut-To-Length line with Rotary Shear and Bradbury e-Drive Leveller

Athader just installed the first Coil Processing line with a Bradbury e-Drive leveller in Spain.

The CTL-1600×3 (63” x 0.120”) Cut to Length and levelling line including the most advanced Roller Levelling Technology, producing “laser” quality flat sheets.

Bradbury’s e-Drive technology was developed and has been in the market for the last 10 years by Bradbury customers mainly in the United States and Mexico, with more than 70 of machines installed.

The acceptance tests of the line included laser cutting of sheets in different directions to verify the quality of flatness. The results certified the reduction and homogenization of internal stresses.

To achieve this performance, the e-Drive leveller comprises two main features:

  • Hydraulic adjustment. Compared to conventional mechanical levellers provides:
    • Hydraulic Cylinders that are used for roll penetration are normally 3 to 4 times greater than what can be achieved using normal screw jacks. The result of this is that we can surpass the material yield point and attain plastic deformation.
    • Exit rolls without parabolic deformation, which happens in mechanical levellers. This avoids inducing crossbow in thicker materials.
    • Simple and user-friendly adjustment of the leveller compared with the complex adjustment of traditional levellers.
  • Double drive of the Levelling Rolls:
    • Bradbury’s patented e-Drive system creates a torque differential between entry and exit rolls. The drive system is designed to reach maximum tension differential within the leveller but will monitor and automatically control any slippage. Both features working together is required to get “laser flat” material.

For more information concerning e-Drive technology, please check:

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The Athader Cut to Length line with an e-Drive includes additional equipment to obtain the highest productivity and impressive quality material:

  • Automatic loading of the coils with flexible storage station.
  • Rotary Shear up to 80mpm. (260 FPM)
  • Double station combined Stacker (Bomb-Door and Turboblower).
  • Inspection System of the sheets without stopping the line.
  • Automatic Packaging line with automatic pallet feeding and longitudinal and transversal strapping.
  • Inspection cameras.

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