Commisioning of cut to lenght line for stainless steel in Mexico

produccion de linea de corte transversal en mexico

ATHAER just commissioned a leveling and cut to length line in Mexico. The installation processes Stainless Steel and Aluminum coils of 1525 mm width, 12 T in weight, thickness 0,2 to 3,43 mm at a maximum speed of 50 mts./min.

Main features of the line:

  • A leveler with 15 rolls 55 mm diameter for the band leveling, including an intuitive regulation of the leveler form the operator panel for optimum flatness.
  • High precission Flying shear (cutting tolerance ± 0,5mm ) and fast blade changing system..
  • Combined automatic Bomb-door Stacker with integrated Turbo-blower at the entry of the stacking station. This type of stacker represents the ideal system for lines processing with different materials with a wide range of thickness and format lengths.

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