Athader attend to the opening of new BlueScope Service Centre

The Athader team attend to the formal opening of a new Customer Service Centre in BlueScope company´s Western Port Works in Hastings, Victoria. Alongside Mark Vessella (Managing Director and CEO), Melissa Horne (Victorian Minister for Ports and Freight and member of Williamstown) and Greg Hunt (Federal Minister of Health and Aged Care and member for Flinders) Our Managing Director, Harkaitz Luengo, attend to the opening and reaffirm the commitment with our customer service and the importance of our clients all around the globe.

This is a great example of the collaboration and partnership between BlueScope and Athader, part of our company culture and allow us to get growing together in a long term.

Harkaitz Luengo

This Customer Service Centre that the BlueScope company open, it´s also a reaffirmation of the commitment to local manufacturing in Australia. With a capacity of 100,000 tons per annum, using the latest technology, with a clear focus in their costumers and safety of the welfare of their people, consolidates BlueScope´s steel processing capabilities.

The equipment installed has a vanguard technology and includes the most advances automation technologies including robots, hands-free operation, and auto-tracking.
All the Athader team is proud to be part of this project.

Harkaitz Luengo

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