Athader and Samuel Nelson sign a Strategic agreement for the supply of Push Pull Pickling lines

November 2018 – Athader and Samuel Nelson Technology are pleased to announce a new Strategic Bidding Agreement.  Both parties will jointly market and sell push-pull, semi-continuous and continuous pickling lines on a global basis, excluding North America.

With Athader’s innovative strip handling equipment technology and Samuel Nelson’s process technology experience in designing and operating pickling lines, the combined expertise makes our partnership an ideal combination as a supplier of steel pickling lines.

Athader – Coil Processing Lines has been a supplier of process line equipment for over 25 years. With its beginnings in the Spanish market it has grown to now have a global market presence. In the area of Slitting and CTL-Lines, Athader has over 300 installations. In 2013 Athader and The Bradbury Group became joint venture partners which allowed for the further growth of Athader in the areas of manufacturing, engineering, sales and service in addition to use of Bradbury’s e-Drive® leveling technology for flatness control and energy conservation. Today, we provide a full range of services from complete turnkey processing line installations, upgrades and customer service.  The main markets for Athaderinclude the South America, Europe and Australia with a plan  to expand into these markets with Push-Pull Pickling Technology.
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Samuel Nelson Technology have designed and built over 82 complete Process Systems and revamps for a variety of pickling lines worldwide.  What separates Samuel Nelson Technology from other pickling line manufacturers is that they also own and operate toll push-pull pickling operations in Canada and the United States.  This creates a unique opportunity for developing leading-edge innovations in energy conservation, environmental awareness, improved process efficiencies and overall lower operating costs.

We can provide a full range of services from complete turnkey pickling line installations and revamps of existing pickling operations, to consulting and spare parts.  Samuel Nelson Technology has engineered, designed and built pickle lines for over 45 years and is considered an industry leader.  Samuel Nelson Technology is based in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.  For more information, visit

Rick Snyder – President of Samuel Pickling Group
Harkaitz Luengo – Managing Director of Athader

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