The cut to length line with Stretch leveler, CTL-1800×6 supplied together with LEVELTEK at BLUESCOPE Port Kemba, Australia, goes into production.

The high production stretch leveling Cut to length line supplied together with Leveltek International, has been in production since the month of June 2020.

This line is designed for the production of formats starting from hot rolled steel coils weighing 30 tons, 1850 mm wide and up to 6 mm thick. The characteristic that differentiates this line is the high production superior to any roller leveler cut to length line with flying shear, thanks to the incorporation of fast feeding systems, automatic threading, flying shear, double station stacker and automatic packaging line. The entire coil can be processed at high speed without stopping and the final packages are evacuated, packed and stacked with great efficiency and without the use of auxiliary means such as overhead cranes, avoiding bottlenecks in evacuation.

It should be noted that the start-up of the line has been carried out remotely due to the restrictions on travel imposed by the countries due to the pandemic.

The Bluescope staff has collaborated intensively with the technicians of Athader and Leveltek to achieve the production objectives of the line in record time despite the distance and the difference in time zones.
This is the eighth process line that Bluescope acquires from Athader, which represents a recognition of the service and quality of our equipment in a very demanding customer.

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